Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last weekend we headed up North for a much needed weekend in the pines.  I know it is only June but I'm hot!  Too hot and too cranky because of the heat!  Eric and Jan invited us over for an afternoon filled with a scavenger hunt, a cook out, and yummy homemade ice cream sandwiches.  The girls spent every waking moment outside (except Charlotte, who played inside with Eric and Jan's new kitten).  Jan planned out the entire hunt with maps, stories, and treats.  The girls even had to use a digital camera to capture pictures of wildlife.  The girls had a blast.  Thank you, thank you!  Thanks for treating the girls to such an adventurous afternoon and thanks for helping me keep cool. 

I forgot.  Check out the picture of Charlotte with one shoe on.  She scraped her toe at the hotel pool and would not put a shoe back on.  Some how she managed to walk through pine needles and tall forest grass without injuring it any further!

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