Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dreams of Disneyland!

After sitting around on Memorial Day Weekend, we decided to join the rest of the country and take a mini vacation to Southern California.  Here are a few photos that spotlight our very quick trip.  

Here are the girl's highlights from the trip...
  • Isabel's favorite ride was California Screamin' (a crazy roller coaster)
  • Caroline's favorite rides were Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Grizzly River Run (lots of mountains involved!)
  • Charlotte's favorite rides were the rockets and Soaring over California.  Least favorite ride the ferris wheel (notice picture from above with her sisters)
  • Grace's favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh. (which we rode 4 times in a row)
Every visit over the past couple of years we are fortunate to run into old friends.  I saw two teachers I used to work with and their families, an old friend from high school, and a parent from my days teaching.  We also met up with the James family and their kiddos.  So much fun!

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Kerri said...

You are doing a great job on your blog, I love it!! You have such a cute family, we sure love you guys!!