Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Booth Discovered

 I would like to say my girls are spending their summer learning a new language, computing calculus problems, and discovering a cure for the common cold. But in reality they are wasting away the hours on photo booth.  These pics are mainly for the grandparents.  Sorry to everyone else.  I found out today that Grace knows how to take her own photos.  I heard her in our office clicking away.  Most of her pics just had the top of her head in them.  As you can see, she improved as time went on.  


Kara Jayne said...

Our hard drive is seriously overwhelmed with photo booth pictures and movies. Hilarious!

shawni said...

Man I've been missing out on this blog! I can't believe all this new stuff! Good job Claudia! Lu is sitting here by me completely enamoured by the photos of Gracie. She loves that girl. Now you just need to post some of Athena.

Love those girls...love those pictures.