Sunday, June 8, 2008

No Moms Allowed

Blake and the three older girls headed up North for the annual  "Dads Only Camping Weekend". Otherwise known as "No Moms Allowed."  The girls get to fish, play in the dirt, hike, and catch crawdads all without me bugging them.  The only worry Isabel and Caroline had when they walked out the door was Charlotte.  This is her first trip and she insisted on wearing a skirt.  The older girls were so bothered with her attire that they kept repeating that you don't go camping in a skirt.  Charlotte had no worries about her outfit of choice. 
This is a tent only weekend.  No moms or trailers allowed.  Too bad Grace and I are missing it!  These pics are from an earlier camping trip.  I am sure they are up to the same fun, just a little dirtier. 
Grace really wasn't there but I thought this picture of her practicing her cast was too cute to leave out.

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Kerri said...

How fun to be just with the dads!! Looks like you have the picture thing figured out ... so sorry, I totally forgot to come over and help you!! I can still come this week ...