Sunday, June 1, 2008

Grace as a Two Year Old

My last two year old.  I say this with sadness but also with relief.  Grace has always had a determined spirit.  She wants what she wants and wants it now.  She walked at 10 months, ran quickly away from me at 11 months, and climbed everything including our swing set at 12 months.  She has never looked back.  She is the only one to have dislocated an elbow, climbed out of her crib, and gone through a biting phase (unfortunately it occurred at the gym).  But with all of this energy and determination she also has a shy side.  She can be nervous around new people and frequently states she wants to go home.  She loves her family, her dog, and her Curious George Doll.  Next week Grace turns three and we are all looking forward to her many new adventures as a three year old.

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Kara Jayne said...

what a cutie!! she sure sounds a lot like my Nora!!