Monday, November 24, 2008

Slacker Mom

Slacker Mom moved in a little over a week ago.  Slacker Mom hasn't done laundry in a week.  She hasn't gone to the grocery store and is letting her kids live off of cold cereal.  She let her kids watch Sponge Bob during dinner tonight.  She forgot to take her camera to Battle of the Books, Me and My Guy (Blake) Day at Grace's preschool, and a swim meet.  She "let" a good friend take her 5 year old on her class field trip.  Today Slacker Mom noticed tuffs of dog hair on her floor.  She did nothing about it.  Slacker Mom's blog has been throughly neglected over the last month.  All Slacker Mom really wants to do is read her book.  

So tomorrow Slacker Mom is moving out!  Enough, is enough!  Sponge Bob during dinner?!   

(the photo just goes to show what Slacker Mom's kids think about cold cereal for dinner again) 


Kerri said...

Hey, you are not a slacker! You are one of the best moms I know!! We all need a little break now and again right?!

shawni said... seems like your "slacker mom" actually was the with-it mom who is always on time for things and takes care of her friends kids, does her grocery shopping, and actually reads books for book club. I'm thinking the friend is the real slacker mom...