Sunday, November 2, 2008

Why Dentists Love Our Neighborhood!

Honestly, where else would you be able to trick or treat your way into a 5 pound Hershey's Chocolate Bar? 
Charlotte was the lucky recipient of this yummy treat.  
S'mores, anyone? 


Hicks family said...

are you kidding!!! What a great neighborhood wwe live in.

Kerri said...

I still can't believe that candy bar, are you kidding me?

The Benedetti Bunch ~ Never a Dull Moment! said...

Hi Claudia,
Remember me, Kendra?? Just came across your blog while blog hopping. It was great to see you and your family! You are so cute, as always!

Claudia said...

I would love to get caught up. email me if you read this again