Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some of our Favorites Part I

I have a secret.  I love children's literature.  I would have loved to have been a librarian.  I love bedtime stories as much as my girls do.

When Isabel and Caroline were younger, story time at the local library was one of our weekly events.  Things quickly changed when Charlotte and Grace were born.  Those two had no desire to sit and quietly listen to a "grouchy" librarian.   We have run into our fair share of grouchy ones in the past couple of years.  So over the years I have built a library of our own which is filled with hundreds of picture books and quite a few chapter books.  I know it's a little late for this year but I wanted to include a few of our favorite Halloween books.  

A little scary but so much fun!  Especially when read with a flash light in a dark, dark, room!
Cute story and not at all scary!
Always get lots of laughs from the little girls but it's the big girls that really get the jokes!
This has to be a favorite among all 3-6 year olds.  My little girls love it.  Grace always pretends to be scared when the pumpkin head appears.  But she is the first one to shout out "Boo".
This was the Isabel's first Halloween book.  She loved it so much as a one and two year old that we went through 2 copies of it before she turned 3!

Please share a few of your families favorites.  You can never have enough books!

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Kerri said...

Oh I love hearing about children's books as I have quite the obcession with them!! Thanks for some of your favorites. We have some holiday ones we can't live without at our house, we'll have to talk!