Saturday, December 6, 2008

Love Letters

This girl is in love.  At the beginning of the school year she announced at dinner that she had "met the boy she was going to marry".  This of course got a few giggles when she said she did not know his name.  She quickly learned his name and has been in LOVE with Nyle for the past few months.  Every day she has a new story about Nyle.  Nyle said this, Nyle did this, Nyle is handsome.  I could go on and on.  So a few weeks ago I was not surprised when I checked the mail and there was her first love letter.  

It went something like this.
To: Charlotte
I love you.  (this boy does not beat around the bush)
From:  Max

1 comment:

Kara Jayne said...

Yes, that would be Max...blunt!!

The things you hear about Nyle...we hear about Charolette. Max is in love...and I'm totally okay with it...he's got great taste!