Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Would You?

if you had the chance...
would you move to a foreign country?
would you pull your kids out of school again and move thousands of miles away?
would you sell that cute house you just bought that is finally feeling like home?
would you sell everything off including your suburban that has way too many miles?
would you give up hundreds of sun shiny days for hundreds of inches of rain?
would you give up that lush desert for something a whole lot greener?
would you leave that wonderful support group you have in family and friends?
would you move knowing that the job only lasts two years and after that who knows where you will be?
would you give up that cute little iphone that you can't live without?  (I guess I don't have to give it up but I won't be able to call everyone like I do now.)
would you go knowing you don't want to drive there because everyone drives on the other side of the street, the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, and there are way too many pedestrians walking around?
My question for you is would you?


Brandee said...

So....where? when? why? and how? What is going on? I am dieing to know? Then I will tell if "I would."

kara jayne said...


it is actually my dream.

oh, and i would TOTALLY visit any friend who did this!!

robin said...

It sounds awesome. But I probably would find a way not to. I know I am lame!

Lori said...

Yes I would but I would not sell my house! Do it! It will be fun! What adventure!

Erika said...

Absolutely!! Can't wait to hear about it!

shellybella said...

i would TOTALLY do it! Go for it!

Livinglifeonpurpose said...

I thought you were talking about me!! My name is Claudia and we just moved to K.L.(Malaysia) three months ago from the States and is an amazing experience. Good LucK.