Monday, November 23, 2009


So the place is Ireland.  Last week Blake and I traveled to the emerald isle.  Blake interviewed for a two year position there.  We are still in the dark if the opportunity will arise but we are still holding out hope that maybe it will happen.  We spent six days (really only 4 with all of the traveling) getting to know Dublin and doing a lot of sight seeing.  Here are a few photos in random order of our quick trip.
View from our hotel room.  This picture really does not capture the busyness of Dublin.  One night 80,000 screaming soccer fans walked past our hotel room.  The next night 80,000 screaming rugby fans sang Irish songs as they walked past our hotel room.  We did not realize until the second night that our hotel room was directly over a pub.  All of the fans seemed to come out of the pub singing at some point during the night.  
Christchurch stained glass.  I loved this old church.  My camera really did not do the place justice.  From the tombs downstairs (no photos allowed) to the gothic arch ways, I could have spent many an hour taking it all in.
Christchurch exterior.
Our hotel.  Our room was last room on the right, second floor up.  Pub was right down stairs by that green sign.  
Malahide Castle.  We were too late to tour but we walked around the grounds.
I loved all of the doorways.  Everyone has character.  I need this "c".  
A statue of Mary and Jesus in Christchurch.  
Interior of Christchurch.  

Sorry this pic is going the wrong way.  This is the spire on the north side of the Liffey River.  According to our tour guide the north side has always been the working class side of the river with the south side the more wealthy.  (U2's recording studios, Bono's house and all of the foreign embassies were on the south side)  The spire has been nicknamed the stiletto in the ghetto and a few other names which will not be mentioned on this family friendly blog.  Our tour guide, a cute 27 year old from Dublin was not too impressed with it.

What I loved about Ireland...

green every where, even in the fall.

almost every where is closed on Sunday morning.  

no nonsense. 
Example: Our bus driver told everyone to be on time back to the bus.  At one point he almost left a couple because they were a little (two minutes) late.  Told a few people on the bus to be quiet or they would have to find their way back home.  I'm sure in the U.S. he would have lost his job or someone would have threatened to sue.  Sounds like a weird thing to love but I really appreciated his attitude.  He wasn't upset with them just matter of fact.

sense of country pride.

tidy towns.

and of course Irish accents. 

So if it happens we will let you know, if not we loved our little get a way to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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shellybella said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the "green-ness".