Thursday, August 13, 2009

a hope, a wish, a prayer

What do you do when your oldest heads off to a new middle school without any friends?  What do you do when 6th grade girls don't seem to notice your sweet, adorable, daughter after 4 days?  What do you do when you are both in tears over moving her from some of the best role models you could have ever hoped for?
Keep on hoping, wishing, and praying for a friend like this one to come into her life.


robin said...

Isabel is so adorable, she will find friends soon. Because, she is one of the greatest friends their is and the girls at her new school will soon realize it. We love you Isabel!

Brandee said...

Your house looks soooo cute! I want to come check it out.

She will find the right friends. It will take time and that doesn't make it any easier. Middle school is hard. Most of them are feeling the same way; they just don't know that about each other.

Elle said...

Man, i miss Isabel so much can u ask her how school is going for me?
elle pothier

kara jayne said...

Claudia this post just tugged at my heart. Isabel is such a great girl. She may have to be the role model for a while and she'll attract the right friends.

I'm dying to come to your house. Call me so we can get together.

Nichole said...

Okay that makes me really sad! We miss you guys! I know they will do great it will just take a little time. They are darling girls! Good luck! When you come this way lets get a lunch together. It would be fun to catch up!

Kerri said...

Oh, that post makes me cry!! Isabel is just beautiful on the inside and out and I know she will make friends soon. I just adore that girl and so will many others!

Your front porch is the perfect picture place too! :)

Can't wait to see you this week!