Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Moving? Not any time soon at least not to Ireland. My sweet hubby was not offered the job. We were all a little disappointed except Caroline. The girl was overjoyed to stay right here in the hot desert. I don't think she knew what she would be missing. but do I know we would have missed out on a few wonderful things.
a fun trip to Park City...we have been visited there the last two summers. i think it is becoming a tradition.
trips with good friends to beautiful places.
maybe a trip here again next summer in our "rental property"
we surely would have missed our rental property, since we can take that beautiful trailer anywhere.

and family. we would have missed the most.


Brandee said...

Sorry about Ireland, but I am thrilled you will still be in Arizona. :)

Kerri said...

Well, for selfish reasons I'm sure glad you aren't moving to Ireland! I feel like you are far enough already just being in Phoenix! :)