Monday, December 7, 2009

The Crazies and the Grumpies

sorry...i don't really know if either of these are actual words but i have been surrounded by the crazies and the grumpies.  

where oh where is the holiday spirit?  this is not totally true because the crazy lady behind me in line at the post office was definitely in the Christmas spirit which i figured out after she told me all about her years as a nurse before she went into aero space engineering while wearing a very festive Christmas sweater with light up earrings.  did i mention she also told me every item she was going to be purchasing at her next  

the grumpiest had to be the woman who was working the shoe department at a very high end mall near our home.  since i don't shop there, i did not have any idea that they don't carry children's shoes.  she informed me in not a friendly way that no they don't carry children's shoes.  i must admit my response was not much better.  i said "of course you don't have children's shoes because this is the ..........  "  i'm sure most of you can imagine where i was.

unfortunately i became the grouchiest online customer of the day when i could not get a coupon to work online and had to call the call service of an unnamed store.  my luck was getting a new employee on the phone who did not know what state phoenix was in nor did he know how to get my coupon to work.  if the unsaid items show up by christmas eve it will be a true miracle.

so here's to hoping i can remember what the season is all about.  (not that it is santa, it was the only picture i could find at the moment)

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