Thursday, September 3, 2009


Charlotte has turned six!  I can't believe just six years ago this big girl was born.  Here are our top six reasons we are so in love with this girl.
1. Charlotte loves nature.   She loves to bring home rocks, flowers, bugs, and a lizard or two.
2.  Charlotte can make a new friend, dance class, swimming at the gym.  
3.  Charlotte is still "in love" with a boy from last years pre-k class.  She informed us she only loves shy boys and is still going to marry Nyle.
4.  Charlotte believes all must be fair.  This can become quite annoying as her mother but it might come in handy during her career as an attorney.
5.  Charlotte has a fantastic imagination.  She makes up stories and games to play with her friends and little sister.
6.  And I'm sure she will be mad at me someday for this but...she still sucks her thumb and it is so darn cute.
Happy Birthday my big six year old girl!


Kerri said...

Oh we love Charlotte and so miss having you guys next door!!! We gotta get the kiddos together soon. We are all missing you guys, especially our Friday park days!

shawni said...

Love that little Charlotte! So glad they're playing together right now! Thanks for making that work.

Love, Shawni