Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Quest for Cooler Temps

Last week, in our continued quest for cooler temperatures, we headed out to the local science museum.  After paying what I think to be too much money for general admission and an extra $5 per person to visit the Grossology  Exhibit, we put our minds to learning and soaking up science.  Everyone but me that is, I was there to visit with two old and dear friends of mine.  I met both of these moms right around the time I had Isabel.  They both had their first babies within weeks of Isabel's birth.  After many hours of Gymboree classes together and a moms group, we decided to start up a playgroup.  We added a few more kids and some terrific moms and met regularly for about 4 years.  Unfortunately, life seemed to get busier and everyone had more kiddos.  Sadly, our playgroup dates became further and further between.  So while the girls and their friends took in science, I soaked in the air conditioned museum and some mommy time.  My only regret is I did not have anyone click a picture of the three of us!  Thanks J and P for a wonderful day!

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shawni said...

We have pics at the Science Center at the exact same spots. Too bad the girls aren't together in them!